Good afternoon, I wanted to let you know that Moose is settling in nicely. Specifically, I thought you’d want to know that at the vet this morning, she said that he is one of the chunkiest, healthiest kittens she has ever seen! She (and multiple others) asked where we got him and I gave her your contact She said she will refer you to some clients who are looking for a Maine coon kitten as their pet! He is just beautiful and we already adore him.
Thanks a million for my furbaby:))) no more tears of sadness or loneliness since having him:))) I'm sure I'll be a future customer loll!!!! :)Tara / LA
Villaine Dora
Hi Mr Benny, Our little man arrived safe and sound and is a beauty. He stayed in my daughter's arms the whole drive from pick up at the airport to home, purring for most of it. Now he is exploring his room purring most of the time. Seems very content. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of "raising" him to this age. Thank you for making the process very simple and easy for us
Hi! our Newfie maine coon Tucker is now known as Scout. And he is the most wonderful kitten ever!!!! We are all totally and completely in love with him! He is super smart. And so loving! He is growing so fast! ❤️ We are so thankful to have him in our family. We will continue to send you updates and pictures for future families to see what your kitten look like!
Thanks for everything. This was a great experience. If there is anywhere I can write a review I would love to share how great of an experience it has been working with you. [three weeks later] Just wanted to say thank you for everything with getting us this lovely kitten. He is awesome and gets along great with our dog. Thanks again!
Look how big he's become. When you told I couldn't believe until I saw him. I can't take my hands off. I don't feel bored even just for a second. I am so happy. you have change my life and I am soo pleased. Very tough to find honest people nowadays I am so lucky to have discovered you guys. Thanks for this wonderful experience.